The Best Book About Period Bookbinding

Several of you have asked me for a book recommendation teach you how to bind an 18th century book.  Before this week, I had no recommendation.  I have just finished reading a book that was originally published in 1811 and is now being republished by James Darlack.  Jim has really cleaned up the text block of this original book.  The text seems to be as clean as any of my replicas.  If you have ever seen my books, then you know that that is saying a lot.  He is hand-binding these books.  They are sewn around recessed linen cords (period correct for this period: no hubs) and covered with paste papers made by Jim himself (also period correct).  This book, “Whole Art of Bookbinding” is sixty pages in length and full of instructions for the period book binder (no illustrations).  I wish that I had had access to this book when I started bookbinding over a decade ago.  I read it in one setting and even learned a few new things.  I would highly recommend that you purchase a copy of this book for your instruction and for your period library from Jim.  Look below to see photos of this book, which included four out of five pages that describes the contents of this book.  Now you have my recommendation for a bookbinding book that will teach you 18th century book binding.    Buy it.  Now!