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The Dangers of Bookbinding

I rarely get scared of anything, but… I was gluing leather on a book this afternoon when I heard a little kid screaming outside. I stopped and listened again. This is not play. This kid is in bad trouble and is being hurt out front. I never stop gluing leather on a book in the middle because the glue will set up and days of work will be wasted, but this kid needed help! I bolted to the front door. I am going for my pistol and the door knob trying to determine if I will be turning left or right. About the time that I realized that my Glock had no magazine, I heard the screaming coming from behind me in Polly’s office up the stairs. It was Queen Victoria giving birth on Polly’s TV. I hate surround sound! I’ll have to take a nap after this adrenaline runs out. Why the pistol? This old fart is in such bad health that he could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag, but I can still shoot my way out if I need to. Now to take my nitro pill.