George Whitefield’s New-Birth Pamphlet

I just finished making another stack of the New-Birth pamphlets originally by George Whitefield, “A PRAYER for one desiring to be awakened to an Experience of the New-Birth.”

I give these away at events and with all orders.  You should also consider making a bunch of these pamphlets to give away at every event that you attend.  These are really easy to make.  There is no sewing involved.  They only take one sheet of paper each.  All you do is print them on duplex (both sides), fold the sheet in half, cut them to size, and you have your pamphlet.  This is the easiest pamphlet to make that I replicate.  Order 500 sheets of the “Natural White” laid paper (Neenah) for $16.89 and you get free shipping from Amazon at the following link:  Purchase Paper.  You can download this pamphlet for free from our 18th Century Parson page on Face Book.

Or you can let me make them for you and purchase them from my Etsy page for $1.99 each at the following link:  Purchase Here  If you want a bunch, I will only charge you 99 cents each, but you have to mail me a check.  No matter how you get them, you should be passing these 18th century pamphlets out at events.