“The Necessity of Keeping the Soul” by Gilbert Tennent

“The Necessity of keeping the Soul”, like many other period sermons was published and made available to those who did not originally hear this sermon preached; even us today. It was preached on December 23rd, 1744 in Philadelphia where it was printed by William Bradford at the Sign of the Bible on Second-Street.  It is intended both to exhort Christians and warn non-Christians. The original 24 page imprint measures 4 1/2” x 6 1/2”. It follows all the printing conventions of the day: Caslon-style type, excessive capitalization of nouns, using italics to quote Bible verses, and using “catchwords” (which is a preview the word or syllable at the bottom on a page that will be the first word/syllable on the following page).  You can purchase this pamphlet on my Etsy page at the following link:  Purchase Here