“The Marks of the New Birth” by George Whitefield, 1739

I just finished cleaning up and printing the first replica of George Whitefield’s pamphlet/sermon, “The Marks of the New Birth”, dated 1739.  This is a 24 page pamphlet that measures 4 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches tall.  The last five pages of this pamphlet contain a section entitled, “A Prayer for one desiring to be awakened to an Experience of the New Birth” and then a shorter one titled, “A Prayer for one newly awakened to a Sense of the Divine Life”.  I read this pamphlet this morning and it is my most favorite pamphlet that I currently make.  You will want to read and pass these out to your reenactor friends.  Substantial volume discounts are available for this and any other pamphlet that I make.  Just ask.  You can purchase this pamphlet for $9.95 from my Etsy page at the following link.  Purchase Here