Researching Period Baptist Ministers

If you reenact as a period Baptist minister, I would recommended that you at least read the first four chapters (pages 1 – 75) of the book, “Baptist in America, A History”, by Thomas S. Kidd & Barry Hankins, published in 2016. 329 pages.  I ordered a copy and read it this week.  You may be able to get hold of a copy through inter library loan.  It is footnoted and the names, etc. are indexed in the back.  However, I did not see any description of a period Baptist service.  I recognize some of their information from another book that I own and recommend, “A History of Kentucky Baptist, by J.H. Spencer, Vol I published in 1886.  I forget if that one has a description of a period service or not.  I have mostly used it as a reference book and that 15 years or so ago.  I also own volume II of this same book, but I think that volume one is the most useful.  I am planning to visit the Kentucky Museum’s on Western Kentucky University campus, my alma mater, in the next couple of weeks and explore the Draper Manuscripts an see if some of the ministers in Kentucky during the 18th century were interviewed by Lyman Draper.  It could contain information about services?  I hope so.  I will let you know what I find.