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1768-’71 Encyclopedia Britannica

It looks like they are making a reproduction of the original 3 volume set of the original 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica again.  I have an old set that was printed in the early 70s as part of its 200 year anniversary celebration, but they have been out of print since then.  I find it interesting that the Encyclopedia was issued in parts from December 1768 to 1771.  I have had three or four of these sets from the early 70’s, but only have kept one set that had no mildew on it.  Mildew makes me sneeze and my hands itch.  I am tempted to buy this brand new set.  The Encyclopedia Britannica was in continuous publication in print from its beginnings in 1768 until 2012 when it  switched to a digital format.  Abe books now sells this set for a little under $200.  Visit the following link to purchase your set.  

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