For Sale: hand-bound 1733 New Testament; $245

For Sale:  #4 1733 hand bound New Testament with hand marbled paper.

Modern reproductions have been made of rare English Bibles. Among the most well- known are the 1560 Geneva Bible, the 1599 Geneva Bible, and the 1611 King James Bible. However, our particular hand-bound edition of the King James Version that was printed in 1733 is not a first-edition, nor a last edition, nor an unusually rare edition. And yet that is exactly why we attempted to make this replica. It represents the common Bible of the common family in the American colonies. It reminds us of a generation who were born during the First Great Awakening, who came into adulthood during the French and Indian War, and who became the brave leaders of the American Revolution and as well as the founders of a new American nation. 

  This New Testament  measures about 1 1/4 inches thick by 6 3/4 inches wide by 8 7/8 inches tall.  You can purchase it from my Esty page at the following link:  Purchase New Testament