making progress on Terry Sorchy’s 1777 Aitken New Testament

I am making more progress on Terry Sorchy’s replica of Robert Aitken’s 1777 New Testament.

The guts of his book are finished; now to add some leather and make it pretty.

This New Testament was the first New Testament, in English, to be made in America.

Before the Revolution, it had been impossible to print an English language version of the Bible in the colonies because no American printers held a license from the King granting permission to print a Bible.

The war cut off shipments of Bibles from Great Britain, but also got rid of the need for the license; thereby creating a shortage of Bibles and the ability to print them in America.  

Robert Aitken stepped in to fill this void.  To learn more about this New Testament and to see how I hand-bind them using period tools and techniques visit my web page at the following link:  Check out Aitken’s 1777 New Testament