Want to Reenact as a Methodist Minister?

If you would like to reenact as a man who is American born, and who was  “imprisoned, beaten, frequently stoned”, “shot at”, “severely” beaten, and “left for dead on the road”, Freeborn Garrettson (1752-1827) may be the man for you.

BTW:  all of these things were done to him, not because he was Methodist, but because he freed his slaves (anti-slavery) and he was anti-war and would not fight in the war against England.  He is considered the 2nd most important early Methodist preach, behind Asbury.  Freeborn was 23 when he was saved and “immediately became an itinerant Methodist preacher.”  There has to be a story behind his first name.


Source: “The Heritage of American Methodism”, by Kenneth Cain Kinghorn, p39.

Image Source:  http://www.henrylivingston.com/prominentfamilyconnections.htm