The Bible of the Revolution

This Day in History:  February 5th, 1783 this rare advertisement of the Robert Aitken Bible appeared in the FREEMAN’S JOURNAL OR NORTH AMERICAN INTELLIGENCER PUBLISHED IN PHILADELPHIA BY FRANCIS BAILEY.

Read the transcription below:

 “Robert Aitken, printer, bookseller, bookbinder, and stationer, at Pope’s Head, in Market Street, near the Coffee House, has just finished, and has now ready for sale, a new and very correct edition of The Holy Bible; With which booksellers, store keepers and others in town and country, may be supplied by wholesale and retail on the most reasonable terms the times will admit. The serious Christian will be pleased to find, that the scarcity of Bibles, of which he has so long had reason to complain, is now removed; and the Patriot will rejoice at the advance in the arts, which as at length produced The first Edition of the Holy Scriptures, in the English Language, ever printed in America; each of these will allow the merit due to so capital an undertaking; and the trader will find his interest in affording his patronage and encouragement to this work, as several circumstances, particularly the largeness of the type, and the remarkable good quality of the paper, render this edition superior to any of the same size imported from Europe. N.B. The Bibles will be sold either bound or in sheets, and a suitable discount allowed to those who purchase large quantities.”

We (Jim, aka James Darlack​ & I) are currently cleaning up the pages of Robert Aitken’s 1782 Old Testament, aka “The Bible of the Revolution”. We hope to have it ready to bind by May.  I hope to be able to make five complete Aitken Bibles this year.  Two of these five are already spoken for.  Let me know if you want to be put on my list for this Bible.  I think that the price will be $625, but I may increase that price after I complete the first one.  Hunter Willis ​continues to work on the web page where I will have much more information about my replica as time goes by:

 Check out my replica of “The Bible of the Revolution”