I scanned this image from my original 1724 Bible.  If you like ornaments, then you will want to check out the web site at the link below.

“Printers’ ornaments are the decorative features of books printed in the hand press period. Fleuron includes images of all kinds of printers’ ornaments, from those hand-cut in blocks of wood or metal, to cast ornaments, and the decorative pieces of type known as fleurons (our namesake). The database also includes engraved ornaments and illustrations. Full-page illustrations are excluded, but these can be found on Eighteenth-Century Collections Online. You can find out more about the different types of printers’ ornaments and their history in the Glossary. Fleuron was created from 32 million page images provided by Gale-Cengage Learning. The page images are originally from Eighteenth-Century Collections Online .

We developed a program to recognize printers’ ornaments and extract them from the full page images into a new database. The program was developed by Machine Doing Ltd. with the support of Research Software Engineering at the University of Cambridge.”