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Bible of the Revolution

This Day in History:  January 21st 1781 Robert Aitken petitioned the Continental Congress to officially sanction his publication of the first English-language Bible to be printed in America.

The Continental Congress did end up recommending Robert Aitken’s 1782 Bible, aka “The Bible of the Revolution”.  See the first three pages from this Bible below and read their recommendation of Congress for yourself.  I have include the pages of recommendation from an original and these same pages cleaned up and as they appear in my replica of this “Bible of the Revolution”.

I already make replicas of Aitken’s 1777 and his 1781 New Testaments.  The 1777 was the first New Testament, in English, to be made in America. The 1781 is the New Testament Aitken’s New Testament in his original 1782 “Bible of the Revolution”.  This “Bible of the Revolution was the first Bible in English to be printed in America.

With the help of Jim Darlack, we have made significant progress in our scanning, cleaning up the text, and printing of the first prototype of Aitken’s 1782 Old Testament.  With Jesus’ help we will have this entire Bible ready to bind in the next few months.

In addition, Hunter Willis has our web site for Aitken’s “Bible of the Revolution up and running.  Take a look at what Hunter has built, which includes a few photos and information about our soon to be replica at the following link:



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