Question: Was the Apocrypha in the original King James Bible? If so, why is it not in there now?


Answer: For a really detailed answer go to pages 222-228 of Alister McGrath’s book, In the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible and How It Changed a Nation, a Language, and a Culture. It’s a complicated story that went on for centuries. It involves theology, but was finally decided by money. The answer is that it was in the King James Bible from 1611 when it was first published until 1826 when the missionary societies removed it for financial reasons. It was cheaper to make and ship the KJ Bibles without the Apocrypha in it. The first English-language Bible that was printed in North America (1782-83) did not have the Apocrypha. The Puritans were heavily involved in this version and made sure that it was left out. But it wasn’t untill 1826 that the Apocrypha disappeared from most all King James Bibles.


The Apocrypha is in our 1733 Bible, if requested and I sometimes make it as a stand-alone book, if requested.