1663 Algonquin Bible

Polly had the opportunity to visit the Morgan Library and Museum in New York.  She got some interesting photos.  Notice the blue covered Eliot Indian Bible.  The spine label of an original would not have said “Eliots Indian Bible”, nor would it have had a date.  The material covering this book does not seem to be leather.  You can also see a photo that she got of a Eliot Indian Old Testament with a date of 1685.  It is covered in nice black leather, but again would not have been labeled like this, nor have a date.

We continue to work on our replica of John Eliot’s 1661 Algonquin New Testament. It is the first New Testament printed in America. It is not in English, but in the Algonquin, Wôpanâak dialect of the tribes of colonial New England. The scans of this New Testament are complete and thus far Hunter Willis and I have cleaned up the four Gospels and part of Acts. You might find my Algonquin web page to be interesting.