a Day of Public Thanksgiving, 1783

Here is a different National Thanksgiving Day for you.
The Divine Goodness displayed,  In The American Revolution: A Sermon Preached in New-York, December 11th, 1783. Appointed by Congress, as a Day of Public Thanksgiving, Throughout the United States; by John Rodgers, D.D. NEW-YORK: Printed by Samuel Loudon, MDCCLXXXIV.
This pamphlet/sermon provides a list of highlights from the war that shows the number of victories that are only explained through an act of God.
The preacher states: “There were so many events the taking place of which, and the combination of which, were necessary to the accomplishment of this end; and these events so entirely dependent upon Providence, so wholly out of reach of human wisdom to direct, or of human power to effect or combine, that the hand of the Lord was eminently conspicuous in them. (p. 24)
He concludes the sermon stating that in response to all that God had done during the war for independence here is our response:
1. By a careful notice of them [the things God has done for us].
2. By recounting them before God, with joy and gratitude of heart.
3. By psalms and songs of praise to God, for all these great things.
4. By testifying a benevolent and kind disposition, one towards another.
5. We ought carefully to manifest our joy in God, and gratitude to him, on this occasion, by a wise improvement of the great things he has done for us [by building a just and fair society].
6. And lastly, God calls us to testify our joy in him, and gratitude to him, by lives devoted to his fear and service.
This pamphlet has 6 signatures made up of eight pages each for a total of 48 pages. They measure 4 ½” X 7”.
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