Psalm 23


Listen to Psalm 23 being sung by Quire Cleveland under Artistic Director Ross W. Duffin, singing at Historic St. Peter’s Church in downtown Cleveland.  This is a 1 minute, 37 second YouTube video.  Enjoy!
“The earliest version of the Bay Psalm Book to include actual music was the ninth edition of 1698, with the settings there taken from the (musical notation that was in the) 1671 Psalms & Hymns (book) of John Playford. For Psalm 23 (as with the other psalms), the Bay Psalm Book just prints the tune (in this case, Canterbury) with Playford’s bass line, but in fact, Playford’s setting (musical notation) is for four voices, and that is what (this group) have used as the ‘implied’ harmonization.”


I make replicas of both the 1640 Bay Psalm Book, aka The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre. Whereunto is prefixed a discourse declaring not only the lawfulness, but also the necessity of the heavenly Ordinance of singing Scripture Psalmes in the Churches of God and John Playford’s 1697 Psalter,  The Whole Book of Psalms With The Usual Hymns and Spiritual Songs. With all the Ancient and Proper Tunes sung in Churches, with some of the Later Use. Composed in Three Parts, Cantus, Medius, & Bassus: In a more Plain and Useful Method than hath benn formerly Published.


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