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my first book

When my mom died a few weeks ago, my sister gave me back the 1733 New Testament that I made for her many years ago. It was one of the 1st, if not the first, one that I made. I have been rebinding, tooling, and adding marbled paper to it for the past couple of days. Back then I used a pizza cutter to tool the covers, a putty knife to put the lines on the side of the spine hubs, and did not put marbled paper in my books. I have used my antique brass tools on it now and added the marble paper that Renee Gillespie of Pumpkintown Primitives​ has made for me. I think that it looks much better. I used way too thick of cow skin on this New Testament. It is sort of embarrassing, but I am sure that I have over 100 out there at events that look the same. I am going to sell this New Testament at a greatly reduced price to someone who will use it at events to reach people for Jesus, but can’t afford a full priced one. I used to would have given it away, but I have learned not to do that no matter how much I want to. Let me know if you will use it at events and can’t afford a full prices one.