Mom left to be with Jesus early yesterday morning

Mom left to be with Jesus early this morning. She has wanted to be fully with Him since I can remember. Yea Mom!!! She ran a good race and is across the finish line. I could not be happier for her and I am celebrating.

I have attached a few photos taken when she was young in and around Hartford. Kentucky.

Helen had been raised in the small community of Hartford in Ohio County, but at the age of fourteen she found herself on her own in the big city of Evansville, Indiana. At first, she obtained work as a maid in someone’s home. However, in order to get a good-paying factory job in 1943, she applied for a delayed birth certificate. This certificate states that she was born in Ohio County on May 29, 1925 while she was really born on May 29, 1926. This error made her appear older and allowed her to become a “Rosie the Riveter” making airplanes for the war effort. While in Evansville, Helen met her first husband, William Herschel Hopkins. Together, they had one daughter, Sandi. Some years later, Helen married James Herman Moore, a widower with a young son named David. They combined their two families and Helen was able to become a happy stay-at-home mom. Helen and Herman had two children, James Thomas and Alicia Ann Moore.

Mom’s funeral will be this coming Saturday, March 11th.  Visitation will be at noon.  Funeral at 2:00 at Haley-McGinnis Funeral Home in Owensboro, Kentucky at 519 Locust Street.