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1st Missionary to the Mochican

This Day in History:  John Sergeant was born on an unknown day in 1710.


John Sergeant was the first missionary to the Mochican American Indian Tribe.  “Among his memorable actions, had been enlisting David Brainerd as a fellow-missionary to the Indians.”  He “was an American missionary in Stockbridge (native name was Housatonic), Massachusetts, who converted many of the Mahicans to Christianity. Reverend Sergeant was a graduate of Yale, who became an ordained Puritan minister.”

“The Mahicans (/məˈhiːkən/ or Mohicans /moʊˈhiːkən/) are an Eastern Algonquian Native American tribe, originally settled in the Hudson River Valley (around Albany, New York) and western New England. After 1680, due to conflicts with the Mohawk, many moved to Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Since the 1830s, most descendants of the Mahican are located in Shawano County, Wisconsin, where they formed the federally recognized with the Lenape people and have a 22,000-acre (8,900 ha) reservation.”

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