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Jonathan Edwards’ “Blank Bible”


Jonathan Edwards’  Blank Bible

This is an interesting article about Edward’s “home made” study Bible of sorts.

The construction of this book is unique and would be fun to replicate. This is a blank large book (for notes) with the pages from the smaller Bible (cut apart) tipped in (glued in) at the top left side of this book. We have seen and still own a 1715 Bible that has another book tipped in like this. Actually, the Bible has “The History of ye Old & New Testaments in Cutts” tipped into it. I scanned & cleaned up that book and made a replica of it like it was before it was cut up and tipped in. We actually make replicas of both books. We did a few Bibles with the woodcuts inside, but it was a very wide book and we decided it was too thick and heavy for a reenactor to carry about at events. Plus it took forever to add the cutts. Click the following link to take a look at this Cutts book.  http://18thcenturybibles.org/the-process-of-binding-books/1715-bible-for-the-illiterate/


Click the following link to read the  article about Jonathan Edwards’  Blank Bible: